About Spéléographies

Spéléographies is a non-profit organization which has been organizing a biannual festival centred around literature and writings since the spring of 2016 in Rennes (France) and its surroundings. Heedful of every participant of the book chain, it promotes the porous nature of writing - be it literary, graphic, sound or performance writing - and supports the exchanges between the French heritage and contemporary arts. 


Spéléographies claims a new way to envision literary action : gold panning. It articulates different activities together - artistic monitoring and education, accompanying authors and supporting research-creation. Both a state of mind and a know-how, it taps into the potential of the in-between and generates a network of original collaborations between professionals of the arts, associations, private structures and cultural, social and educational institutions. 


Two projects promoters and book profesionnals, Laurence Coste and Luc Cotinat (a.k.a. Morvandiau), had already worked together to organize a festival around independent comic books, Périscopages (2001-2011). They ensure the artistic direction and the project coordination of Spéléographies. 

Spéléographies reçoit le soutien des institutions suivantes :